When the pandemic first started, sports were essentially taken away from us in the blink of an eye. As a way to help fans cope with this unfortunate new reality, ESPN decided to put the production of their Michael Jordan documentary into overdrive and as a result, we got "The Last Dance" in late April. The documentary became a cultural phenomenon as it got people excited about MJ again. Soon after the conclusion of the documentary, Jordan memorabilia prices began to skyrocket, and ever since, we have seen vintage Jordan pieces sell for insane amounts at auction. 

According to Darren Rovell, the latest piece of Jordan gear to sell for an obscene price is this photocopy of Michael Jordan's first-ever contract with the Chicago Bulls. Yes, you read that right, a photocopy just sold for thousands of dollars; $57,068 to be exact.

The original copy of the contract is probably long gone by now so the photocopy was probably all that was left. Perhaps this can explain the inflated market but even at that, paying over $50,000 for a piece of paper is just a tiny bit unhinged. 

With this latest sale in mind, one has to question whether or not these pieces of memorabilia are really worth it.