Teresa Sue Klein is the latest Caucasian to get a catchy nickname that reflects some type of racially motivated action. As reported by The New York PostKlien was dubbed "Cornerstore Caroline" after she claimed a 9-year-old Black boy sexually assaulted her in a bodega. A video of Klien calling the cops to claim the boy assaulted her went viral. “I was just sexually assaulted by a child,” Klein can be heard saying in the video as the boy cries. “The son grabbed my ass and she decided to yell at me,” she continued, aiming her anger at the child's mother. She also claims that she is a cop in the video. 

Now, Klien is apologizing for her actions. Video surveillance from the bodega shows that the child's backpack brushed up on Klien's backside as she was leaning over the cashier counter. The child did not realize his backpack touched Klien. After The Post tracked Klien down to show her the surveillance video, she called police on the publication. Once the police arrived, she did give a brief statement. “I would like to apologize to her daughter and her son but not to her," Klein stated. "She could have walked away, but she didn’t. I’m also a Buddhist, [but] I let my temper show. I’ve been called racist before, and I’m not.” Maybe if you've been called a racist on multiple occasions, you should start to reexamine your belief systems.