Though Dreamville fans have been patiently waiting for J. Cole's anticipated Off-Season project, whenever that one so happens to arrive, there remain many who are eager to hear some new music from Cozz. With his last project Effected having arrived in 2018, the west coast emcee has been steadily working on his next project, having taken a brief detour to hold it down for the Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 sessions. Now, Cozz has opted to take things back to the early days of his career, reflecting on his debut mixtape Nothing Personal, released five years ago. 

Cozz ft Correy C - Grow 

"Happy gday to “nothing personal” the mixtape," writes Cozz, in a lengthy Instagram update. "Was bout 22/23, hard headed, always screaming on tracks and never sober. Lot of songs I love on here and just 2 or 3 I wish never saw the light of day. The evolution from then to now as a musician and even as a man is dramatic so I’m excited for y’all to hear this new shit I got coming reaaaaal soon. Next level shit."

The post was not missed by his partner in crime slash "Lambo Truck" collaborator Reason, who took a moment to celebrate the elevation with some words of support. "All growth bro! Proud of you!" he writes, leaving us wondering whether or not J. Cole has further reason to fear for his safety on Cozz's next body of work. Hopefully we can get an update on that soon, as Cozz's Effected was already a strong release from the Dreamville lyricist -- expect this forthcoming effort to be another step forward, and possibly bring Cody Macc to another stage of his career.

Sound off if you ever revisit Nothing Personal, one of the earliest Dreamville releases. And if so, do you think Cozz held it down?