The 2020 presidential election brought out many emotions in American voters who acknowledged the high stakes involved. The anticipated election results were announced on Saturday, November 7th, declaring Joe Biden the winner and president-elect.

Trump did not immediately concede, and now he still refuses to accept the results. Soon after Biden was predicted to win the election, Trump called for state recounts. Wisconsin declared Biden’s victory again in a recent recount, and Georgia reaffirmed Biden’s victory for the third time.

donald trump re-election

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Trump’s overzealous behavior and obsession with the election after its conclusion has left many Americans frustrated. Instead of focusing his efforts on the lasting effects of the coronavirus or the social conversation of police brutality, the President has continuously requested election recounts.

Trump has also blocked Biden’s incoming staff from continuing their business in the White House which also slows the transfer of power. This is the first time in more than half a century that an outgoing administration has stonewalled an incoming one at every level.

Many Americans are not pleased and are ashamed of his behavior, calling him a “crybaby” on Twitter.