Cupcakke is one of the most highly-sexualized artists in the world. She's hilarious live and the Chicago artist is making her rise to the top of Chicago's growing talent pool of female rappers. She's been out for a minute and she already has three studio albums at the age of 21 but she's poised to release her fourth before the end of the year. She's gotten in trouble with YouTube for her NSFW music videos in the past as they've been removed from the video sharing platform for "violating their code of conduct." Her content definitely pushes boundaries and we're excited to hear what kind of nonsense she spits on Eden, which was just announced by the artist.

Keeping her growth consistent, CupcakKe will be making her return with a brand new album. Eden is expected to release on November 9, which she's just announced on her social media pages. Of course, she did so while sensually eating a strawberry with her body covered in candy, playing on her artist name. Her fans are going insane over the announcement as the post keeps on racking up likes and comments. 

With a constant expectation for controversy, Cupcakke's music is some of the funniest stuff you'll hear. She doesn't take herself too seriously and she's extremely sex-positive, offering a different outlook on the game when compared to most. Are you looking forward to the new album?