Curren$y's one of the most consistent rapper in both quality and quantity. The rapper constantly feeds his fans content, whether in the form of music videos, new singles or projects. On top of that, the music he drops never fails to impress. A particular project that stands out in his catalog is 2011's Weekend At Burnie's. Not only was it received well among fans but also critically. Now, it looks like fans are in for a treat as he readies himself for the sequel. 

Curren$y took to social media today to share the artwork and release date of his forthcoming album Back At Burnie's. The cover art, designed by CJ Wallis of FortyFPS, shares a similar aesthetic to Weekend At Burnie's. The project is also set for a March 16th release date. Curren$y seems to be keeping a linear format between his 2011 album and it's sequel by tapping MonstaBeatz for production. Monsta handled all of the production on Weekend At Burnie's with the exception of the intro track. Hopefully, we get the first single off the project in the coming weeks.

The last project we got from Curren$y was The Motivational Speech EP he dropped in October alongside Lex Luger. That particular project was in the works for quite some time so it was nice to hear the two of them finally unleash it for the fans. 

Since then, Curren$y dropped off a bunch of loose singles before closing out 2017 with a few of them highlighting members of the Jet Life team.