Curren$y Discusses Making His Own Strain & Stuffing Cones On "How To Roll"

Joshua Robinson
June 25, 2021 17:32

Spitta Andretti sparks up and reveals his favorite and least favorite strains during his appearance on "How To Roll."

In the latest episode of How To Roll, HNHH welcomes veteran New Orleans rapper Curren$y. Arriving alongside the arrival of his latest project, Welcome To Jet Life Recordings 2, Curren$y's appearance on How To Roll finds him discussing what it's like to make his own strain, his distaste for Blue Dream, the craziest strain names, and much more.

"I'm a OG — I smoke OG," the Jet Life rapper admits. "But my scientists are all like, 'Spitta, you've gotta get into these other styles of bud, these smells, and these flavors.' So we're creating some things right now. I'm not gonna give up the recipe just yet, but I'll let you know when these are on the shelves. Right now, I'm just taking it through a test-run."

Curren$y for HotNewHipHop "How To Roll"

For Spitta, making sure that his strain is as high quality as possible is what matters most. He reveals that he has a reputation for removing his name from unreleased strains if they don't meet his expectations. "Even though I know if they put the logo on it, it's gonna sell, I'm like nah," Curren$y admits. "A muhf*cker gon' buy it because my name on it and it's not good. I've never done them that [way] with a mixtape, you know what I'm saying? It said my name — it sounded like how it was supposed to sound."

Later on in the video, the Pilot Talk artist also tells the story about how he fell in love with stuffing cones, which apparently happened while he was visiting Amsterdam. "It's my complete way of life bruh," Curren$y says. "I first found a pack of cones — they weren't the brand I'm smoke now — [when] I was in Amsterdam. The flight was pushed back like four hours, so we kicked it a bit outside the hotel. I went into this coffee shop, and i had little two packs of these big f*cking cones."

Curren$y for HotNewHipHop "How To Roll"

"I was like, 'Oh yeah, let's go. All the weed I have left into those two and smoke them onto the way to the aiport, right?' Nah," he continues, revealing that he actually wasn't able to smoke on the shuttle and in most public places in Amsterdam. "The shuttle told me I couldn't smoke the weed. I got these two f*cking brontosaurus burger, f*cking Flintstone cones. Get to the airport and never had a chance to smoke them. There's no little pavilion for smoking...[so] I went into the bathroom and I ate 'em."

To hear the full story behind Curren$y's Amsterdam escapade, scroll back to the top of the page and watch the latest episode of How To Roll. Afterward, let us know who you want to see on the show next.

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