Curren$y may be a New Orleans native, but he gets love around the world, in particular, from Chicago. Spitta talks about the city he was raised in, as well as his adopted city, Chicago, and how he wears his allegiance to the Chi for New Era's MLB campaign.

The brand's #WearYourAllegiance campaign talks to different rappers, including the Hot Spitta, about where their allegiance lies-- and how repping it with a cap is important. 

Although Spitta has an array of caps to rock, he says there are only 2 or 3 that make into regular rotation. His Chi-Town cap happens to be one of them. As Spitta explains, "I'm from New Orleans, it just so happens that I fell in love with Chicago, by way of pizza, and chicken, and girls, and cool homies and stuff like that."

Although the girls and the food may be one of the reasons the rapper loves Chicago, Curren$y still gives props to his home of New Orleans for creating his love of music. "I'm into music, my city is musical, what else could I do?" he says.

Share a photo of how you wear your allegiance on Instagram with the hashtag #shareyourallegiance, and you could win prizes, one of which is a custom cap wall worth $5,000. Peep the details here.

Watch Spitta's video below, where he spits a brief freestyle at the end.