A woman who is well-known for her racist rants, Rachel Dawn Ruit, has passed away after being struck by a fire truck. 

Ruit recently went viral for her vile statements, spewing racist remarks, and threatening to kill a Black teenager and a woman in a hijab in North Carolina. After it was reported that she was hit by a fire truck and was in the hospital with life-threatening injuries, her death was confirmed by the Asheville Police Department.

Many people have reacted to Ruit's death, including actor and comedian D.L. Hughley and others. Hughley mocked the woman, taking to Twitter to speak his honest thoughts about the situation.

"A woman who became famous for shouting racial slurs was hit by a fire truck! Just think if she wasn’t yelling n***a so loud she might’ve heard that siren! #ImJustSaying #TeamDl," wrote Hughley.

Ruit was previously arrested and charged with assault after ripping off a woman's hijab and grabbing a Black teenager by the groin.

D.L. Hughley was recently in the news after testing positive for COVID-19. The comedian was in the middle of a stand-up set when he collapsed. He later admitted to unknowingly spreading the virus to his entire team.