Could D12 be working on a comeback with long-time homie Eminem? According to an article posted in the Detroit Free Press, it appears so.

The news article, which breaks down all the recording studios and audio firms in the Detroit area of Ferndale, decided to reach out to the co-owner of F.B.T. Studios Mark Bass. Having worked with T.I., Eminem and D12 in the past, Bass was quoted in his interview that he’s recently been mixing upcoming material from D12 which includes three tracks with Eminem. The article read:

“Bass, who has started a label called Motunes Media, says he’s also been mixing new material by the mercurial funk-pop giant Sly Stone with members of the original Family Stone band, along with new D12 tracks, including three with Eminem.”

D12 hasn't released a project since 2004's D12 World, but lets hope that changes here in 2014.