It's not often that Jimmy Fallon leads a musical segment with an actual chant, but perhaps that's simply the DaBaby effect. In the wake of delivering his brand new Kirk album, DaBaby hit the Late Night Stage to bring a medley of new bangers to an unsuspecting audience. Joined by both Stunna 4 Vegas and The Roots, DaBaby kicked things off with a spirited rendition of "Intro," proving that real talents need no backing track. It's cool to see DaBaby rhyme with such passion, with occasional flubs and cadential differences making this take stand out.

 Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Once "Really" queues up, the energy lifts off in a major way. It's safe to assume that DaBaby has gone "Baby On Baby On Baby" at this stage, as evidenced by his stamina. The fun doesn't stop there, as "Bop's" flutes signal the third and final cut. By this point, DaBaby has ushered in more moves than we ever deemed possible. His chemistry with Stunna should be noted as well, as their entire back and forth keeps the energy alive and entertaining throughout. 

Did DaBaby's "Tonight Show" appearance land, by your estimation? Check it out below, and sound off.