No matter how successful a festival is, they do require to be mindful of the community there in which ultimately means complying with regulations surrounding noise level, specifically loud music. Certain places were that festivals shut down their event by 11 p.m. or midnight to accommodate neighbors in the area who might be disrupted by loud music. Even when there might be hefty fines attached to breaking this rule, some artists are committed to providing a full performance for their fans, no matter the cost. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Fans of DaBaby were treated to a high-energy performance this week that nearly ended earlier than expected. The rapper was on the stage when he was told he was running out of time. "So, they just said we got 8 minutes left or anything after 12 o'clock, that's $10,000," the rapper told the crowd. However, he decided that he wasn't going to pull the plug on the show just yet.

"So if I pay the $10,000 out my pocket, I could get 'em the full show?" the rapper asked the promoters who were on the side of the stage as the crowd erupted in cheer.

"Y'all mothafuckas thought you were paying to see me. I'm 'bout to pay to see y'all," the rapper said before asking the audience whether any of them paid that much to attend the concert. "Okay, then. On the count of three, let me hear you say, 'Thank you, Baby,'" he prompted the crowd. 

Check out the clip below.