Youngboy Never Broke Again released his new album 38 Baby 2 last night and, in doing so, he unleashed his second collaboration with DaBaby in as many weeks. 

The two rappers had rarely collaborated before last week but, with the release of Blame It On Baby, we saw the duo begin to build chemistry on "JUMP." Now, they've got a new track to add to their joint discography called "Thug Of Spades" and DaBaby is starting to earn a lot of respect for his 20-year-old counterpart.

Despite having an eight-year age difference between them, DaBaby and Youngboy Never Broke Again have been working incredibly well together as of late. The Charlotte rapper took time out of his busy music-making schedule to show love to YB, arguing to his critics that he's much wiser than perceived.

"Capitalize off pain," wrote Baby on Instagram. "You wise beyond yo years lil bruh. Conrgrats."

This is the second collaborative single from Youngboy Never Broke Again and DaBaby. Clearly, they've been starting to build a strong working relationship, bouncing ideas off one another and delivering some solid vibes for the quarantine.

Despite all the hate that Youngboy gets online, it's easy to hear his wisdom in his music. The man is just 20-years-old and he already has the ability to dive deep into his emotions for some of the most authentic songs on the market.

Would you be down for further link-ups between these two?