North Carolina's DaBaby is more than the antics that have garnered him attention, including showing up to his SXSW performance back in 2017 wearing a diaper. He's a lyricist and an artist, and he proved just how much of both he can be during a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid. The rapper is celebrating the release of his debut Interscope record, Baby on Baby, an impressive 13-track album that showcases the Charlotte rapper's skills.

While chopping it up with Whoo Kid, DaBaby casually slipped into a smooth freestyle that had Whoo Kid exclaiming, "Those bars are ri-f**king-diculous man!" DaBaby wants to make sure he continues to rep for his city, and represent it well saying, "It ain't no place like Charlotte. It’s either going to make you, fold you, or it’s goin' to mold you to be a certain type of person."

This month DaBaby visited us and talked about shifting the perspective of how a rapper is expected to look or act like. "I really just do me," he said. "I'm not afraid to be creative and push the envelope when it comes to creating a vision for my music. I'm not doing [comedy] so much to break stereotypes, it just happens naturally. Every rapper doesn't need to be a tough guy in the video, with guns, staring into the camera like they're going to scare somebody. It doesn't need to go down like that anymore. I'm making it okay to have fun with your content."