DaBaby teased the alternate ending for his "Find My Way" visuals, starring one of his biggest fans and admirers, B. Simone. The actress/singer/Internet personality has never been shy about making her love for DaBaby public, so when she shared a photo of the rapper grabbing a handful of her behind on Instagram last week, folks were floored that she had seemingly managed to manifest a relationship with him. However, it turned out that she hadn't cuffed DaBaby just yet. Instead, he'd reached out to her to star as his love interest in the music video for his new single, "Find My Way," a track that sees the often-consistent-sounding rapper switching up his flow quite a bit. He officially dropped the song and accompanying visuals a week ago, and now, he's teasing an alternate ending to the Reel-Goats-directed crime-thriller.

The original ending to the Bonnie-and-Clyde-themed video saw DaBaby and B. make a break for it after racking up a significant amount of casualties during their criminal escapades. However, based on this sneak peek, it looks like DaBaby and the Reel Goats crew considered a different outcome to the crime spree that seems to have some of their would-be victims driving off with their truck. Check out the clip below and let us (and DaBaby) know if you'd be interested in seeing this alternate ending.