Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys have been embroiled in some pretty contentious contract talks over the last few months. Prescott is looking to make upwards of $40 million per year although the Cowboys don't think he is worth that much. In addition, they are looking to sure him up for five years, while Dak has been looking for the four-year range.

Yesterday, things took a turn as Prescott signed his franchise tender, worth $31.4 million. Now, Prescott will be guaranteed with the Cowboys through the 2020 season, and both sides have until July 15th to come to terms on a contract. According to NFL insider Mike Tannenbaum, this has given Prescott all of the leverage.

"I’ve thought all along that a long term deal, if it gets done at all, will be within a day or two of the July 15th deadline. @dak has enormous leverage as he’s locked in at $31,400,000 and would make around $38mm next year if he’s Franchised in ‘21," Tannenbaum wrote.

This is certainly an interesting take as some believe the Cowboys are the ones with the leverage. Either way, it's clear the Cowboys and Dak aren't seeing eye-to-eye and that it will take quite an offer for both sides to come to terms.

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