Last Monday, we reported that Dak Prescott's pit bull dog Icon had been put in quarantine for 10 days after attacking a neighbor on their own property. Both of Prescott's dogs had escaped his home while he wasn't there and found their way onto the neighbor's property. One dog didn't do anything and was promptly returned to his home. As for Icon, the dog has been in quarantine for over 10 days now as officials have decided that the incident was so severe that the dog could risk being euthanized, according to TMZ.

In the report, it states that the case is now in the hands of the City of Frisco Municipal Court which will determine what is going to happen to Icon. They essentially want to see whether or not the animal should or will be referred to as a "dangerous dog." If it is, there are multiple options in terms of what can be done to the dog. The worst-case scenario for Icon would be euthanization. 

Prescott is known for being a big dog lover especially when it comes to his pit bulls. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback hasn't commented on the situation but we imagine he is feeling horrible over what happens.

We hope Dak is able to get his dog back and that situation gets resolved.