Dame Dash has been going through some legal drama with his baby mamas as of late. The former Roc-A-Fella executive lost custody of his two children to their mom Rachel Roy, who alleged that Dame is a bad influence on their girls. Dame then retaliated last week with a lawsuit of $2.5 million.

Now Dame is moving their beef outside the legal realm on to social media. He's been posting slander on his baby mamas with several Instagram posts, alleging that Ava Dash's mom is using her daughter's Instagram account to diss her father and create drama. "Had to block her account because her mother takes her phone and pretends it her my daughter would never disrespect me like that but I'm glad the world is seeing what me and my family had to go though and why I have to stop this Ava doesn't deserve this...," he wrote. He's captioned several photos of his kids with lengthy rants going off on the opposing lawyer and his ex-wives.

An excerpt from one post reads, "What kind of woman would try to put the father of their son Who just gave them 120 grand for a house outside of child support so his son would live the right way in jail over 23 grand and why is donell Suarez representing both of my baby mothers ..."

On another photo he wrote, "Can you believe there is an order of protection against me and my kids?... What kind of woman would take there children out of a loving protective environment with a good father for money?.... What kind of lawyer would advise their client to do this to there children so they can get legal fees there is a warrant for my arrest because I want to raise my children..."

View screenshots from some of his Instagram posts above.