Recently a report circulated that Dame Dash and Kanye West were interested in purchasing Karmaloop (although it appears they are about to go bankrupt, so now might not be the best time). The remark was made by Dame in an off-hand way during an interview, but was quickly distributed throughout the internet. 

XXL attempted to authenticate these claims, and while their "source" led them to believe Dame Dash's claims were false, Dame called them out for it. Dame's been on a rampage lately, if you've been keeping up with interviews, he's been calling out anyone whom he views as appropriating rap culture. After setting XXL straight on Instagram, he veered back to his mantra, and called out Mark Ecko/Complex for being "culture vultures."

"Hey Xxl... I think you better smack your source in the mouth... He's giving you the wrong info and your reporting it to all these good people," he wrote on Instagram. He continued, "And Marc Ecko dont get scared... But you disrespected the wrong dude... I'm on your heels #culturevulture .... Anybody @complex need a job let me know." Previously, Dame called Mark Ecko "the fashion version of Lyor Cohen."

View the full Instagram post below.