The idea of losing the one you love is a devastating reality many face on a daily basis. When Aaliyah tragically passed away on August 25th, 2001, her boyfriend Dame Dash was left to pick up the pieces. Though the pair were not officially engaged, they had spoken at length about a future marriage, a testament to the strength of their bond. Though Dash would go on to forge great things with Roc-A-Fella records, it's clear he's been carrying Aaliyah's memory with him ever since. Today, the mogul took a moment to reflect, looking back to a photo shoot that led to many personal discoveries.

Steve Eichner/Getty Images
"Damn...just came across this on my feed," writes Dame, sharing an image from Aaliyah's Vibe photoshoot . "That vibe shoot were we all connected on a level I wasn’t expecting." He proceeds to explain how Kidada Jones put him onto the book "The Seat Of The Soul," by Gary Zukav. "We all went to the book store and bought the book...changed a lot of my perspectives on things know I brought the books to my crew and conversations changed from there on." 
He closes out with a statement chronicling the day's significance in his personal development. "This is the day the magic really happens...crazy it’s documented," he writes, alongside a photograph of himself and Aaliyah. One has to wonder if the game might have been any different, had those moments never played out as Dame tells it. What a difference a single day can make.