The most recent guest on Rap Radar's podcast was Lyor Cohen, the current CEO of 300 Entertainment as well as the former President of Def Jam, Island Def Jam, and Warner Music Group. 

During the podcast, Cohen was asked about accusations of him, as a white man, being a "culture vulture" -- most notably those coming from former co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records (which was bought by Def Jam during his tenure) Damon Dash. Cohen responded by dismissing Dash's credibility and calling him a "clown." 

"It would bother me if it came from a credible source," said Cohen with regard to the accusations. 

"I can't give any light to that. It's a clown right now," he later said. 

Dash has since received word of Cohen's comments and responded with a lengthy Instagram tirade of his own. He posted a screenshot of Cohen's comments transcribed on Twitter and then proceeded to attack Cohen with further accusations of culture-vulturism. He finished by saying Cohen and his pursuits in the hip-hop industry are a lasting result of the "plantation game." See the full post below.