In a clip caught by TMZ, Dame Dash walks directly into a glass window while prepping for an episode of The Cray podcast with Rob Weiss, Shawn Chase, and O'Neal McKnight, on Thursday. 

While trying to enter the recording room, Dash walks face-first into the clear glass in front of him. The rap industry mogul should be just fine, as the bump didn't appear too serious.

Dame Dash, Jay-Z
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Dash's momentary lapse of awareness comes amidst a demanding legal battle with Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella, which involves Dash's attempt to sell Reasonable Doubt.

Earlier this week, he told HipHopDX that Jay was trying to "devalue this asset."

“Honestly, I think this is corny,” Dame explained, when asked about the legal batlle. “If there’s an issue, just call me. Why do I have to hear it? Why do I have to get sued? Biggs, Jay, call me and tell me what the play is but if you swing on me, I’m going to have to swing back. And when I say that, I’m saying now that I’m looking under the hood, it looks crazy, but I just do believe that I don’t need all of this. I’m trying to live my life. I’m the guy that’s always saying this is what they want us to do. They want us culturally to fight each other for them while they watch us and that’s exactly what’s happening."

He added that lawyer Alex Spiro "literally tried to colonize my company."