Damian Lillard had himself another great season with the Portland Trail Blazers. While it may have started off slow, the Trail Blazers surged at the end and made the playoffs before being eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers in five games. Lillard ultimately bowed out of the series early as he suffered a knee injury although it's safe to say he's going to be working hard to get himself back to where he was just a few weeks ago.

In Lillard's personal life, however, things are getting exciting as today, he took to his Instagram story with a massive announcement. He and his fiancee are about to have twins. In fact, one is going to be a boy and the other, a girl. Lillard made light of this through his caption saying "I’m a DADDY DADDY now 😂😂😂... happy for another boy but this girl gone hit different."

Lillard already has a son which means soon, he will have three children. Kids are always a huge source of pride for any person, especially athletes who tend to take their games to another level after the birth of their children. A perfect example of this is Fred VanVleet of the Toronto Raptors.

Either way, a big congratulations to Lillard and his fiancee are in order.