Despite being real basketball players, some of the NBA's best love to play a good game of 2K once in a while. Damian Lillard is among those who play the game on a regular basis and as he divulged on Twitter yesterday, he's actually pretty bad at it. When someone challenged him to a game of 1 v 1, Lillard was quick to reply stating "I’m trash bro. I play “my career” mode on pro level and chase stats."

From there, fans began to ask the Portland Trail Blazers star about his game and what his preferred settings are. As Lillard explained, when he plays the "My Career" mode, his custom character is a member of the New York Knicks and bears the name Adam Iverson. 

Lillard wasn't kidding when he said he chases stats, as he revealed that his player averages 38 points, 12 rebounds, and 12 assists a game, while his team has an overall record of 42-2. One fan even asked Lillard why he doesn't play with the Blazers, to which he replied: "I don’t wanna take my own spot."

The honesty coming from Lillard here is refreshing as there are probably plenty of dusty 2K players out there who do the exact same thing as him. At least there's one thing the average joe can relate to when it comes to certain NBA superstars.