Damon Campbell Interviews Curren$y

Rose Lilah
December 02, 2015 12:05

Watch Damon Campbell grill Curren$y on his past and much more.

The one and only Damon Campbell recently caught up with Curren$y, ahead of the rapper's Canal St. Confidential album. Damon digs up the dirt on Spitta, first bringing up when a Young Curren$y had to wear an eye patch (visualize that for a second). Curren$y also reveals how Styles P taught him a thing or two about counting bars, prior to which, Spitta was really just winging it.

As the conversation continues, Curren$y speaks his mind when it comes to our current rap game, and how it's a whole lot of copy cats out there. "I think originality is the most important, but it's a pay cut," he says. He goes on to give an insightful analyzation of underground music versus mainstream music lovers, "I'm an underground music listener myself, I don't listen to mainstream music. It's not that it's not good, a lot of it sounds the same..If you getting online and you researching some artists and you find it, it's sacred to you cause you had to find it, you kinda wanna protect that artist's sound, and you don't wanna them to get into that mix and make it all watery. I'm gunna prove this rip, that you could do it, this is just the underground coming above to take a piss in the mainstream."

We go on to receive a few more anecdotes about Spitta as a child falling into a sewer and throwing out his brother's weed (those are two unrelated stories), and much, much more (so many more that Curren$y has to ask Campbell if he's wearing a wire).

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