Damon Campbell Interviews Denzel Curry

Rose Lilah
April 25, 2016 12:00

Denzel Curry chops it up with Damon Campbell for a in-depth interview.

It's been a minute since Damon Campbell slid us a new interview, but the quirky host is back today with a new sit-down with Denzel Curry. The Miami native has been busy touring North America, as he promotes his new mixtape,  Imperial, which might just be his best yet.

As per usual, you can expect to learn a few things during this 15-minute sit-down (and please excuse poor audio quality, but shit happens). The interview is off to a heavy start, with Damon and Denzel discussing death, becoming conditioned to it, and using violence as the answer to a problem in general ("only pussy n*ggas will shoot another n*gga," Denzel says). They also speak on living a healthy lifestyle (aka no McDonalds or fast food), with Denzel warning fans, "if you eat McDonalds your stroke game will go down, fuck that." This leads into a discussion about the type of restaurants and buildings you see in the hood as opposed to other neighborhoods. 

Watch the full interview above. 

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