Damon Dash took some time to explain how his investments in Lee Daniels' projects started. In a video for TMZ, he claims their financial relationship started out smoothly, with the film The Woodsman. Dash felt confident in lending Daniels some funds for the production since many reputable names were attached to it, such as Kevin bacon, Mos Def and Eve. Dame front the money for the project since he knew Daniels hadn't found other investors at the time. The film, which made a successful trip to Cannes, garnered enough profits for Dash to get a return on his investment. Lee Daniels' next project Shadowboxer did not do as well. Dash claims the project went over budget by $10 million and involved other investors, at which point he lost control. Still, he expected to be reimbursed since that was the deal from day one. 

In 2013, the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder had encountered the kind of financial trouble that entails threats of eviction, so his serious stance in this situation with Lee Daniels is no surprise. He started with a public confrontation at a Diana Ross show and now he is taking legal action. He also warns that others who have taken advantage of him in similar ways will face the same consequence. He will pursue all of them legally and "let everybody know, 'cause I'm a good guy."