Earlier this week Dan Le Batard started to discuss the most recent Presidential debate, and specifically Donald Trump's "grab them by the pussy" quote, but he was forced to bite his tongue because ESPN would suspend him if he continued to talk about the tape on his show. 

As seen in the clip below, Le Batard was on the verge of addressing Trump's obscene remarks when a producer advised him that unless he wanted to be suspended he better change the subject. The host was understandably pissed off and was instead reduced to talking about how he couldn't talk about certain things. Doesn't sound like a great radio program now does it?

Le Batard's show has always dabbled in pop culture, often times more so than topics pertaining to sports. So for ESPN to bar him from talking about Trump and other happenings at the presidential debate (Ex: the legend of Ken Bone) truly put a damper on his entire program. 

As he says in the clip below, taking the suspension might have been worth it.