On Wednesday night, the annual ESPY Awards went down at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, where sports biggest & best athletes are recognized for their accomplishments on and off the field over the past year. This year’s event was hosted by former IndyCar and Nascar driver Danica Patrick, who kicked off the show with an opening monologue, making fun of several athletes in the process.

Danica kicked things off by roasting the city of Cleveland, before going on to make fun of Jose Altuve’s height, LeBron James’ hairline, and Ben Simmons for dating Kendall Jenner. She also went at Odell Beckham Jr’s hairstyle, and Tiger Woods for being irrelevant nowadays.

“Odell is once again healthy and will return to the field next season. But his hairstyle remains questionable,” she said to the crowd’s chuckle. Making fun of Lebron, Danica said, “The biggest offseason pickup was Lebron James. I mean who doesn't love Lebron James? He's one of the greatest basketball players of all-time, and now Lebron is the newest Los Angeles transplant. Los Angeles transplant is also what he googles when he needs new hair" to which the crowd was taken back by. 

All this went down after Danica walked the red carpet with her new boyfriend Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. 

Check out the funny opening monologue (below) and let us know how she did.