In the internet's brief lifetime, it's given us all sorts of gifts. For better or for worse, it's been a platform that can change lives. Danielle Bregoli – the teen who was launched to internet stardom as the "Cash Me Outside Girl" –  is experiencing the consequences of her fame. After being exposed to fame and fortune, her estranged father, Ira Peskowitz tried to enter her life. Seeing his ingenuity and tired of the internal conflict, the internet star and her mother requested to have Ira's name removed from her birth certificate. 

A judge has made an official ruling, and has fulfilled the Bregoli's request. Ira no longer has the right to custody or has to pay child support. It's unknown if the Bregoli's had to pay Ira as part of the agreement. Now Ira's requests to be included in the Bregoli family can be denied.

Previously, Peskowitz requested that he no longer pay child support due to his daughter's new-found wealth. He didn't think he had to pay $1,100 per month when his daughter was being compensated thousands of dollars per appearance. He had also accused Danielle's mother of taking advantage of Bhad Bhabie, possibly in an attempt to stir conflict within the family.

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