Danny Brown "Ain't It Funny" Video

Shaun M
March 28, 2017 17:45

Danny Brown loses his marbles in the Jonah Hill-directed "Ain't It Funny" music video.

Drawing references from popular 90s sitcoms and horror flicks, Jonah Hill crafted a visual pandemonium for Danny Brown's "Ain't It Funny," live streamed on Twitter, Tuesday.

Brown stars as a drug-addled Black man going insane in a white suburban family. While he has gory visions of murdering his pale-faced relatives and sleeping with his Christina Applegate-like niece, his annoying nephew flashes red demonic eyes at him.

Jonah Hill infuses the clip with references to seminal sitcoms like Growing Pains, Married With Children and Leave It To Beaver. As the setting descends into madness, the director injects scenes reminiscent of The Omen, The Shining and Requiem For A Dream. Look for Joanna Kerns and Gus Van Sant playing mom and dad.

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