Danny Brown Credits ScHoolboy Q & Ab-Soul With Popularizing Backwoods In Epic "How To Roll"

Mitch Findlay
October 04, 2019 12:13

Danny Brown delivers a brief history of all things bud.

It's our most epic episode of "How To Roll" thus far, we sat down with the madcap genius himself, Danny Brown. Fresh off the release of his excellent uknowhatimsayin¿, Danny took some time to deliver an absolute masterclass on all things marijuana. 

"When your weed is not that good, it doesn't matter what you're rolling it in," explains Danny. "At that time, New York weed wasn't the best." He laughs. "Times have changed! You guys are close enough to Canada!" It doesn't take long for Danny's expertise to be revealed, and within minutes a full-blown masterclass is in session. "If you come up with a cool name and a couple of rappers say it, your weed don't even need to be that good," reflects Danny. "You can sell it in pounds. Runtz is living they best life right now."

On the topic of clever strain names, Danny remains unimpressed by the versatility. "This shit is weed, motherfucker!" he vents. "Tell me Sativa or Indica. That's the only names we need. I'ma tell you like this. The last weed I had that fucked me over in life was Jet Fuel...That's B-Real shit. That's when I was doing Atrocity Exhibition. I was in the studio all day smoking Jet Fuel, doing Adderall. 30 milligrams. This weed was killing Adderall."

A Detroit boy through and through, Danny seems perplexed at New York's preferences toward smoking backwoods. "There was a time New York had some of the shittiest weed in the world," he continues. "You're the biggest city in America! But you'd come here and get the shittiest weed of your fuckin' life. That was Rudy Giuliani days. Fuck Giuliani."

"When I lived with Tony Yayo in Long Island, he had a guy," reflects Danny. "He would come through with some strains. That's when I started seeing shit changing." He also credits ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul for popularizing backwoods in the hip-hop community. "They had that song, "Druggys Wit Hoes." It shifted the weed culture a bit. I don't know if they know that. They my homies. Everybody started smoking backwoods after that shit."

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