The Detroit rapper that is Danny Brown is probably one of hip-hops most humourous emcees, in the best way. Everything from his witty interaction with his fans on Twitter to how he goes along with anything, like the time a fan made her way on stage and twerked on him while he was performing at Way Home Music Festival. 

As for Danny's recent stage happenings, the "Really Doe" rapper decided to strip down to his underpants where the crowd gave him a loud cheer, seemingly very happy with how he chose to express himself while Run The Jewels' Killer Mike and El-P were performing "Hey Kids (Bumaye)." You can see his stage debut in the video below.

Danny was added to a handful of tour dates with Run The Jewels after collaborating on their 2016 album Run the Jewels 3. Things wrapped up in Glasgow, Scotland on November 16th.

As for other Danny news, we recently posted that his Apple Music documentary, Live At The Majestic, that was supposed to be released earlier this month was sadly "shelved" for unknown reasons. Danny confirmed the news after fans tweeted to him on the day of the release when they noticed nothing was available on the platform.

"It’s not coming out I’m sorry." tweeted in a Q&A with fans. "Crying right now because of it ... really hurt about the whole situation." 

But that doesn't mean that Danny doesn't have other things in store for his beloved following. He revealed to Complex at the beginning of the month that his upcoming album is "being produced by one producer, who’s legendary in hip-hop. And it's gonna be a big deal." 

No other information was shared, but it leaves his upcoming tape with high expectations and has us wondering who Danny considers to be "legendary."

Who do you guys think it is? Who do you want it to be?