Drake took a lot of flack throughout the Toronto Raptors championship run thanks to all of his antics on the sidelines. At one point, the NBA had to contact the Raptors to let them know they needed Drake to calm down a little bit. Regardless, Drake's presence was a huge part of the Raptors identity throughout the year and was rewarded by getting to be a part of the team's championship parade.

Today, Raptors player Danny Green made his way to the Breakfast Club where he spoke to Charlamagne Tha God and company about the team's big win. As you would expect, Charlamagne took the opportunity to ask about Drake and just how extra he was this season. 

"He has fun with it man, and I'm sure he wishes he could play," Green explained. "But he's good at what he does and he respects what we do and he enjoys watching us do what we do."

Green also spoke to the crew about his future with the Toronto Raptors and how he would, in fact, be willing to re-sign with the current champions. He also spoke on Kawhi Leonard and how his upcoming free agency decision will affect the Raptors moving forward.