Kyrie Irving is sparking a massive debate all across the NBA thanks to his stance on whether or not players should return to the court next month. Irving believes that the social justice movements across the country are too important right now and that it would be better for players to focus their attention on that. He feels as though basketball is too much of a distraction and that it would ultimately divert people away from all of the progress that is being made.

Danny Green of the Los Angeles Lakers seems to disagree with Kyrie. While speaking to Mark Medina of USA Today, Green said that it is possible for players to speak on social issues while also focusing their attention on playing games. Green personally feels as though it would be more powerful if players were to protest while playing as it would make use of the massive platform the NBA creates.

Danny Green

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

“The biggest thing is to continue to move forward,” Green said. “When we do go to Orlando, the media outlets and playing on that stage if you use it wisely the right way you can push forward and can continue the movement even in a better forum.”

It seems as though the players are divided right now with 60 percent wanting to play and the other 40 percent urging against it. Over the coming weeks, we could see a real rift as the start date of July 30th approaches.