Da$H Says Action Bronson Got Him The Highest On "How To Roll"

Aron A.
November 30, 2017 13:36

Da$h busts down a Backwood on "How To Roll."

Da$h has been doing his thing for a minute now but he's been keeping his fans waiting for his debut album. After keeping everyone on the edge of their seats, he announced yesterday the project will drop on December 15th. Now, there's no doubt that he's someone who enjoys his weed. We recently caught up with the rapper at our office where he busted down a Backwood and talked to us about the highest he's ever been, the first time he smoked weed and some of his favorite strains for our latest episode of "How To Roll."

During the latest episode of "How To Roll," Da$H gave us some insight to some of his smoking tips. For one, he says he prefers a Fronto leaf over a Backwood but if you're going to smoke a Backwood, you should have some good weed to put in it. He also says that you need to inspect the backwoods in the pack for the one with the least amount of veins and the darkest wood in the pack because "the dark leaf is gonna hold it together" and burn properly. While you could expect that he's no amateur to twisting a blunt, he tells us that Action Bronson got him one the the highest he's ever been. However, it wasn't off of the bud itself.

"I was with [Action Bronson] and we was dabbing for like five hours straight. Like stupid shit," he says, "I was watching Animal Planet, we was all in there. We was sitting on the couch and I had a water bottle in my hand. And bruh, I was so stoned that I'm watching this mothafucka on TV holding a fish and the fish flapping around in this n*gga's hand. And for a second I convinced myself that I had the fish in my hand and I threw the water bottle across the room. Had to go lay my ass down."

During our conversation with him, he also details the first time he got high as well as some of his favorite strains. 

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