Netflix has been spending a ton of time, effort and money (lost of money) on beefing their roster of original content over the past couple of years. One area where this has really become apparently has been their new swath of stand-up comedy specials from some of the biggest names in the industry. Two new hour-long sets from Dave Chappelle are already available via a streaming service, with more supposedly on the way. What's more, Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres and Chris Rock all have new specials that will be coming to a company that may soon have to field competition from one of the biggest names in the world of entertainment. However, focusing on the here and now, all four aforementioned comedians may appearances in a new promo for the service, highlighting some of the hilarious off-the-cuff riffing ability that they each possess.

The clip inserts each personality in a different Netflix staple, each taking on their own distinctive charm. Jerry Seinfeld wades his way into Frank Underwood's Oval Office from House Of Cards, asking him if he likes comedy while riding in the back seat of a Secret Service vehicle, all while Kevin Spacey's character looks angrily out the window. Talk about a tough crowd. Elsewhere, Chappelle waxes comedic with the kids from Stranger Things and Rock works an O.J. joke into his remarks to the prisoners that make up the cast of characters on Orange is the New Black. Finally, TV host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres tells one of the Queen of England's advisors that he's in desperate need of some tic-tacs after being inserted into a clip from The Crown. With all these high-profile names associated with the Netflix brand, it's clear that the streaming service is attempting to be the No. 1 place where comedy fans go to watch the latest and greatest from the world of stand-up comedy.

It was a good night at the Emmy Awards for Netflix as well, with both Master of None and The Crown taking home major awards. Check out recap of the big night for television here.