Nearly a year ago Dave Chappelle became a reported $60 million dollars richer after landing three stand-up comedy shows with Netflix. Since then the streaming platform aired two specials back in March leaving fans curious as to when the third show would air. Today, Dave and Netflix have finally teased the next spot, with a clip that boasts a young, familiar face. 

In just under one minute we see the scene from season one of Stranger Things as Eleven is being thrown in solitary confinement. Clearly, she's over it and uses her powers to slam the guards into the wall where they fall to the ground. In it's latest rendition, Dave pops out of the doorway and yells, "Do me! Do me next!"

The clip ends and now we're left wondering how the Dave will whip up a way to make fun of the show in his upcoming stand-up special, Equanimity, that's set to air on New Years Eve.  

One of the latest spottings of Dave was in Talib Kweli's video for "Traveling Light" that was released today, November 17th. The clip to the song sees lots of notable faces such as Mos Def, Q-Tip, Spike Lee, Hannibal Burress and of course Anderson .Paak and Kaytrandaa since they are featured on the beat. Dave makes a grand statement at the end, offering a "real ni**a PSA" telling youth to back off their cellphones as a way to "happen in real life."

"Get first-hand information, know for yourself what it feels like and then you too can become a superhuman, empathetic person. You can care about people you've never met and worry about problems that you don't even have," he tells the youth.