The narrative surrounding Kanye West has been somewhat Trumpian of late, despite a vow to swear off politics. Yet Dave East is more than willing to cast Ye's political affiliations aside, especially given the fact that Yeezys remain so valued. In fact, East recently copped a pair of brand new kicks, proving that there's no love lost for Mr. West. 

"N***as say what they want about Kanye," begins East, carefully unboxing a pair of new Yeezys. "The n***a ain't my best friend. I don't really give a fuck what he do as far as the muthafuckin' Trump shit go. But as far as the n***a's sneakers? N***a's sneakers is fire. I don't care who says they not." 

He proceeds to show off his brand new purchase, the  Yeezy Boost 700 "Static," while pointing out a bit of hypocrisy that often comes with the Kanye slander. "N***as will condone a full-blown rat who told and gave a n***a life in prison. Ya'll don't want to rock Yeezys cause he pulled up on Trump, with the red hat? Shit! Two purr, Nelly time on God!"

It's been a minute since anyone has referenced Nelly's "Air Force Ones," but the world would likely be a better place if more people followed East's example. Still, the clip is a testament to the reminder that Kanye's recent actions have sadly come to permeate his legacy; that's not to say they define him, nor is judgment truly fair to cast. Yet many have come to regard Kanye and Trump as synonyms, for better or worse. Where do you stand?