One person on Twitter said that Dave East suffers from the so-called "Nas Effect." They described the condition as such: Dave East is one of the best rappers in his generation but, because of his sometimes questionable beat selection, he doesn't get the respect that he deserves.

After sharing a new preview on social media, Dave East faced a ton of slander for his beats. The talk was so loud that his name eventually ended up in the trending topics on Twitter, with the vast majority of people talking trash about the song and the New York spitter as an artist. Although there is seemingly a large number of folks that believe that Dave East is "trash" or "wack" -- which he most certainly is not -- fans of the 32-year-old backed him up and shared some of his best moments to flood the trend with more positive posts.

Dave East
Brian Ach/Getty Images

As the song preview began gaining attention, the hate got more present but East fans were quick to combat the claims that the rapper is "trash." Dropping his freestyles, most quotable lyrics, and more in the replies of his critics, people were quickly shut up as it was proven that Dave East is the furthest thing from "wack."

The rapper has announced a string of mixtapes dropping soon. What are your thoughts on him?