This year, Daz Dillinger has found himself in the news mostly for calling a national alert to all members of the Crips to mess up Kanye West if they saw him in the street. The beef stems from a lyric about the gang in "Ye Vs. The People," which released prior to Ye. Their feud was actually revisited just a few days ago when Tha Dogg Pound member recorded a message dissing both Kanye and his wife, saying that Kim Kardashian has "s-cked the entire industry off." Unfortunately, we won't be hearing any of his ramblings today, at least, as the rapper was arrested for marijuana possession.

TMZ is reporting that Daz was caught with a total of 117 grams of weed at his home outside of Atlanta. He was arrested yesterday after police found the weed, along with THC pods, oil, a vaporizer and a container of purple liquid labelled "Cannabis Lean." According to the publication, he remains in jail after being admitted just before midnight last night. His bond is currently set at $15K. 

Kanye West reportedly filed a restraining order against Daz after the threats were made in May, ramping up his security to ensure his safety. Dilly is being held on twelve counts of possession of a controlled substance as well as a single count of possession of more than an ounce of marijuana.