It must be hard to be a TV writer. Having to make decisions about which characters to kill of and which ones to keep alive would be hard just from a story perspective, but what about all those nasty fans? If you kill of the wrong character people might get mad enough to stop watching for good. Well, why not just get the fans to decide then? DC has decided to do just this with their Netflix show Titans. 

One of DC's most iconic characters, Robin (civilian name Dick Grayson), is on the chopping block. His fate is completely up to public opinion and although that may sound like an exciting prospect, we've all seen how awful a measure public opinion can be when we have the gift of hindsight. Currently, according to Hypebeast,  DC has received "17,000 votes with 70 percent currently leaning towards [Robin] living." Not bad. 

This isn't the first time this has happened. Not only in comics more broadly, but with robin in particular. In Batman: A Death in the Family, Robin is killed by The Joker, a decision that was made based on phoned-in votes. If you feel strongly about it cast your ballet here, and if you're unsure, watch the trailer below: