Deadpool 2 hit theaters this past May, and it was both a commercial and critical success. The movie exists on its own plane, and is one of the only Rated R comic book films to ever be released in theaters. The foul-mouthed Deadpool is lovable because of his adult humor and disgusting action. Watching Ryan Reynolds walk around with baby legs, or get shot through his hand, is both laughable and cringe-worthy all at once. That is where Deadpool 2 shines though, it is a film that walks a very thin line between offensive and hilarious.

San Diego Comic-Con, possibly the most popular and prestigious comic book convention in the world, takes place later this month. According to Den of Geek, Deadpool fans will be treated to an uncut version of the sequel at the convention. The extended cut will be showcased on July 21st, which is a Saturday. The original version of the film was edgy enough, and one can only imagine how much more raunchy the movie can get. Screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick revealed that a directors cut features a scene when Deadpool uses a soap dispenser inappropriately, before Colossus comes to the conclusion his hands may not be as clean as he thinks. Hopefully, we'll get to see an uncut version hit shelves in its entirety this Fall.