Deion Sanders is an NFL and MLB legend thanks to his incredible ability at playing both sports. While Sanders is mostly known for his work as a football player, Sanders was an adequate baseball player as well. Sanders got to play for the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Braves at the same time and was able to enjoy quite a bit of success. Unfortunately for Sanders, success led him to some pretty dark places in his life. As he explained on Paula Faris' 'Journeys of Faith' podcast, there were times where Sanders felt as though he had hit rock bottom and didn't like the person he had become.

In his autobiography, Sanders spoke about how he once drove his car off of a cliff because of how upset he had become with his life. Sanders was attempting to end his life at that point, but as he notes, his survival led him to devote himself to Jesus and becoming a better person.

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Netflix

Here are some of the moments in which Sanders felt like he had hit rock bottom, courtesy of the Paula Faris' 'Journeys of Faith' podcast:

"Rock bottom for me was laying between two and three women at a time, but you get up unsatisfied. Rock bottom for me … yes, I was bleeding."

"Rock bottom for me was having hundreds of suits and not covering the pain. Rock bottom for me was having hundreds of pairs of shoes but couldn't take a step in the right direction."

"Rock bottom for me was having 10 cars and wasn't going nowhere. Rock bottom for me was having a 14,000-square-foot house but never feeling at home."

"Laying right beside the person who said they love you, but she didn't even know you was in pain. That was rock bottom for me."

Sanders says he is in a much better place now and is even set to get married to his longtime girlfriend Tracey Edmonds.