DeMarcus Cousins is fresh off of a deep run in the NBA Playoffs with the Los Angeles Clippers where he got to get some big minutes in the Western Conference Finals. Now, Cousins is enjoying his offseason where he can take some time for himself and get right for next season where he could very well end up with yet another contending team. 

In the meantime, Cousins has been securing some business deals, including his most recent one with Trojan condoms, where he now gets to promote their Ultra Fit line. In the video clip below, Cousins stars in the latest Trojan ad where he talks about his injury history and then somehow relates it to condoms. The analogy they are making here is a bit of a reach, but hey, if Cousins is getting the bag from it, more power to him.

NBA Twitter immediately picked up on the advertisement and decided to roast Cousins as the whole commercial and its concept were pretty amusing. At the end of the day, Cousins didn't do anything wrong here although when you appear in a condom ad, you better prepare for just a tiny bit of playful roasting.

You can see what people had to say in the quote tweets below.

DeMarcus Cousins

Harry How/Getty Images