Demi Lovato is onto new and better things. The singer hit a striking low with her drug addiction last month when she overdosed in her Los Angeles home. She is leaving things behind quite literally, now that she has decided to put this house in question up for sale. 

The Hollywood Hills home has entered the real estate market with a value of $9.495 million. Lovato had purchased the home for $8.3 million back in September 2016.

This is the same house in which the star almost died from an overdose. She had consumed Oxycodone that is said to have been laced with Fentanyl. Narcan was used to revive her before her 10-day hospitalization. The "Sober" singer hasn't returned to her home since the incident. She went directly to rehab after her hospital stay.

This news comes after reports of Brandon Johnson's avoidance of any legal consequences. The drug dealer who publicly admitted to being the one who gave the drugs to Demi will not be charged with any crime or even be interrogated as part of an investigation. Johnson had detailed how he would often hang out at the entertainer's house to "kick it." Demi is less likely to think about these encounters in whichever new home she selects.