Considering how frequently Eminem continues to secure major musical milestones, it's hard to imagine him as anything other than a global superstar. Yet like many of the game's legendary figures, Eminem began his journey on the underground circuit, doing whatever he could to build a buzz and piece together a debut album. As it happens, that journey found him joining forces with Denaun Porter, a young producer in the midst of honing his skills.

Denaun Porter Eminem

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We previously spoke with Denaun about his experience meeting Eminem, where he revealed he was immediately impressed with the rapper's work ethic. Before long, the pair began piecing together the music that would ultimately become Infinite. "All the songs meant something to us, it was really important that we did them," he explained. "We started off making albums. That’s me and Em’s relationship." And though it has yet to appear on streaming platforms, there are many who stand by Em's debut to this day

On that note, it's officially Infinite's twenty-fourth anniversary, and occasion that found Denaun Porter taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane. "Wow 24 years ago today I began a Journey with one of the first Artist I believed in as a producer/ beat maker and some time before through creating with him gained one of the closest and best friends in my life," he begins, alongside the album's minimalist cover. "Though the album didn’t sell much it taught us to be ourselves... fast forward ...we went to Africa a couple decades later and saw a kid holding up an infinite sign in the front row Talk about full circle."

"Hey @eminem I think it’s safe to say we did it huh Broski," he concludes. "S/O Eye Kyu for introducing us bro you saw it before anyone." A well-earned victory lap for Denaun Porter, who continues to hold it down as Eminem's right-hand man. Check out his post below, and for more insight into the making of Infinite, be sure to check out our complete interview with Denaun Porter right here