Deniro Farrar Breaks Down "Cult Rap" And His "Left-Field" Status

Patrick Lyons
November 06, 2014 14:19

Deniro Farrar explains his "organic" Cult Rap movement and discusses his reluctance to work with buzzing artists.

While rolling through NYC for a CMJ show with tourmate Denzel Curry, North Carolina's Deniro Farrar stopped by our offices for an interview. The self-proclaimed "Leader of Cult Rap" broke down various aspects of his movement for us, detailed his tracks with Ryan Hemsworth and Gucci Mane, and explained why he was such respect for (and a desire to work with) Noah "40" Shebib.

Explaining the "left-field" status of his rapping and beats, Farrar explains why the beat, regardless of the producer behind it, has to fit with his lyrics. "I would never rap over a beat just because of somebody's name, or for a buzz purpose," he said. 

As far as beatmakers he would like to work with, Farrar sees a parallel between his discerning process of choosing collaborators and OVO's Noah "40" Shebib's habit of working with a select cache of rappers. "Name five rappers with a 40 beat," he posited, answering himself with "you can't." Hopefully, 40 hears Farrar's hunger and grants him his wish.

If you've been sleeping on Deniro's Rebirth EP, released in May, it's time to wake up and stream the dope project.

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