NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman made an appearance on ESPN's First Take on Friday morning - so of course he was asked about the hypothetical matchup between the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls and the 2017-18 Golden State Warriors. As you'd expect, Rodman was confident that his team would defeat the Warriors, and he was particularly positive that he'd give Draymond Green fits.

Kevin Durant would have a hard time with Scottie Pippen. And I don’t know who would guard Michael Jordan on the Warriors. Literally, who? Literally, who?”

“I got no problem handling that Green guy. He’d be eating out of my hands. Draymond, keep getting your teeth straight, honey, and listen to your mama.”

The Worm added that he respects Draymond as a great defender - but he'd still be "eating out of my hands." Also, he believes MJ would average 50 points per game in this era. Check out the footage below.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has compared Rodman and Green on multiple occasions, including earlier this season. Kerr, who played alongside Rodman on the Bulls, says Draymond is a better offensive player and Rodman a better rebounder.

Per the SF Chronicle:

“I think the comparison is apt, because what made Dennis special was his versatility,” Kerr said. “In the ’96 East finals, he guarded Shaq and then switched out to guard Penny Hardaway. There aren’t many players in the history of the game who can do both.

“That’s what Draymond does ... he can guard any position against any team.”

“Draymond is a better offensive player,” Kerr said. “Dennis was better than people knew, but Draymond has became a tremendous playmaker. He’s our leading assists guy, he pushes the pace, he handles the ball, he’s a better two-way player. 

“But he’s not as good of a rebounder. I’ll give that to Dennis. I never met anyone who was as good a rebounder as Dennis.”