The talented Denzel Curry stopped by The Breakfast Club for an extensive interview, and while a variety of topics are covered, the conversation kicks off on a heavy note. XXXTentacion's presence can be felt from the jump, and Charlamagne wastes little time in asking Denzel about the friend he lost. 

"He came to live with me when I was working on Imperial," says Denzel. "We met at a house party, completely on accident. I was drunk, and Ski came, and he came, they brought a whole bunch of people. My homie Abyss told them they were supposed to be performing at my house." In reality, they were not, and while the misunderstanding briefly caused tensions to flare, Denzel smoothed it over and let the rappers stay. Later, he ended up hearing their single "Fuxk," which caught his ear. "We met back up at a Kodak show, on January 1st, 2016," explains Curry. 

When Charlamagne asks how X's murder has been affecting him, Denzel gets visibly emotional. "He was one of the people who convinced me to come back to Florida," says Curry. "Me and him talked for three hours, and he was telling me I never should have left, we could have been plotting on so much stuff."

He also reveals that he tried to get X to go to Cali, reiterating that some of the biggest haters can come from a rapper's home turf. "I was Miami when it happened," says Denzel, who actually got the news after his friend sent him the disturbing footage of X's body. He explains that he and Ronny J were originally on the way to the hospital when they received word of X's passing. "That shit made me break down and cry," says Denzel. "This was somebody I made music with, somebody I talked to, that I hung out with. That was what really hurt me the most, cause I helped him come up."

"There were different eras of X," says Denzel. "There was Black Hair era, where he was coming up, doing his thing, making music. Then you have the Blonde a& Black era, and that's where all the crazy stuff started happening with allegations, trials, shows, riots, the Rob Stone situation, everything. Then it went to White Hair X, where he got the tree on his forehead and shaved his eyebrows. That was his evolving state. Then he went to Indigo X. The last time we talked, he said the reason he changed his hair, and tried to do things differently, is because he understood how it was to be a bad person, and how easy it was. He wanted to change." 

In the end, Denzel feels that people never gave X the chance to redeem himself. On a lighter note, Denzel reflects on TA13OO, which many are touting as his best album thus far. Be sure to check out Denzel Curry's full Breakfast Club Interview, which reveals a rapper who stands tall alongside his generational peers.